When we see with our hearts, our intentions are pure…
to be kind, to be compassionate, to be love. 
This is humanity at it’s very best.

This is simply grace.

Welcome to community & the soul essence of our brand…

As a society, we are often times so consumed in “being successful” we forget the importance of being successful human beings, of living mindfully, deeply listening and connecting spontaneously with whatever life is offering us in the moment.  At Simply Grace we believe there is no such thing as an ordinary moment, each moment, experience and connection is divinely inspired and extraordinary. 

Simply Grace is a vibrant, organic, sustainable, sincere, purpose driven community and brand which mindfully fuses and integrates women’s intrinsic values (inner beauty) with their extrinsic values through an abundant generosity of grace.  Women are longing for sincere authentic connections with communities who embrace them emotionally and spiritually.

Simply Grace honors diversity of faith and experience by providing a sacred space of compassion, kindness, love, respect and no-judgment.  In this beautiful community we honor ourselves, each another and God in whatever ways honors you.  

Women are seeking relationships with women who are kindred spirits.  They are seeking opportunities to be seen, known, strengthened and encouraged to make contributions to others.   Simply Grace will provide community experiences, products and transformational offerings to support women discovering and embracing their inner beauty and grace.  

Gratitude in dandelion field.jpeg

Our vision is to provide sustainable visibility as we connect beyond social media through creating sincere and authentic heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul connections. We invite you to be connected to a purpose you believe in, a community who speaks your language, understands the experiences of your journey, sincerely engages your mind and lifts your heart and soul.

Simply Grace will offer a platform with a significant differentiation.  A percentage of our profits extend our vision of gently awakening grace, while planting seeds of hope through causes which support women.  In creating our movement…we are attracting many who share these core values and are inspired by our pure intentions.

Simply Grace is a movement of kindness, compassion and love.  This is an invitation for women to connect to their inner beauty and essence while gently awakening their grace, sustaining life and moving in relationship. Women naturally create community and a divine sense of belonging.  They are led inwardly by love. It’s time to strengthen this gift and share it with the world. 

Community means more than the comfort of the souls. It means, and has always meant, the survival of humanity.   In which direction will humanity evolve?

Simply Grace is honored to assist women on this divinely unfolding journey.  This is your invitation to meet us in the meadow of grace…

A beautiful expression of why...

There is no such thing as an ordinary moment, each moment is truly extraordinary….

On a very special day a few years ago Mikki observed her beloved two-year-old grand-daughter Madison in a meadow picking very special flowers, the beautiful flowers being bright yellow dandelions. The significant, yet simple truth experienced in a moment was that of compassionate awareness discovered through the eyes of a child, a beautiful life lesson… the difference between a weed and a flower is judgment. 

Scattering seeds of joy.jpeg

At some point on our journey we were sadly told the dandelion is a weed and not a flower and that was that.  The beautiful little flower that gave us joy as children; such as picking bouquets for our Mommy’s, creating flower crowns, and our favorite memory of dandelions…blowing on the puffy white balls of light and love making wishes, was gone.

The dandelion honors and represents the beautiful little girl and childlike wonder that still resides quietly in each of our souls.  Just for a moment, pause on purpose…gather the memories of being that little child of pure and simple grace…the little soul without judgment is still present.

Mindfully we chose the dandelion as our branding element for Simply Grace…these amazing little flowers are so aligned with our vision.   Being highly intentional we are growing an organic, vibrant community of women who embrace the thought of scattering seeds of hope and joy on purpose.  Just like the dandelions, you never know whose heart will be touched by the seeds.  

The brilliant and talented team of Kyle Elysse (Mikki’s daughter) and her business partner Kevin created the magnificent branding element and design for the Simply Grace logo.  The contemporary version of the dandelion, with a lotus energy connecting to the heart chakra, has a strong design element with seeds appearing as community within the design.  One can imagine the seeds fulfilling their destiny, prepared to scatter and land on the hearts of women in our beautiful meadow of grace.  Each one of us is that seed, waiting expectantly for the sacred invitation to bloom into the beautiful essence of who we are, divine expressions of love.

Our intentions are pure at Simply Grace. It is our highest hope to gently awaken grace one soul at a time, scattering seeds of joy. To be kind, compassionate and loving without judgment is a significant and beautiful characteristic of the diverse and divine community of Simply Grace.


Meet the Founders

Mikki and Nancy Founders Pic.jpg


Life is a journey of love... Are we aware? Do we notice the gifts and blessings all around us?

Contained within each precious moment are opportunities for connection, growth and joy. There is a sacred presence within each of us breathing life into our very existence, connecting us to one another in an amazing dance of grace. This benevolent presence is always with us, the unseen reality of love - the very substance of who we are. Delighting in the process of living, and abiding with us through darkness and light, we are being called into relationship...moment by moment. Face to face, heart to heart, soul to soul we dance with God and one another...this is simply grace.

Simply Grace is an invitation for us to slow down, breathe, and remember. Remember the power of love. Remember the power of time alone with God. Remember the power of connection to self and community. Honoring the power and strength of diversity, we envision a community that lifts up many voices, creating bridges of love and understanding - opportunities to share, inspire and support one another in our collective journey. 

Welcome to community...

- Nancy Feth


...I often close my eyes and imagine the possibilities... I imagine a beautiful collaboration that is desperately wanting and waiting to be birthed on our planet. I imagine the healing consequences of the connectedness of grace being expressed in the world. I imagine each soul bringing shared values, evoking the light and love of God, as catalysts of the global calling. 

I was moved to tears when I learned the Dali Lama shared that the western women will heal this world. My soul was stirred and inspired into action. I have come to realize that this is not about my career. My life, my journey, is about embracing the essence of my being, which was a sacred contract with God at birth. We are often consumed with being successful in business but not successful as human beings. By aligning our lives with our souls’ purpose for being, we are then able to offer the divine gifts and blessings we are called to bring to humanity. My calling, my purpose is simply to gently awaken grace... When we see with our hearts our intentions are pure. To be kind, to be compassionate, to be love. This is humanity at its very best...this is simply grace. 

My dream has become a reality...and all is so very well in my soul.

Blessings beautiful loves...

- Mikki Lessard








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