Beth has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams and is known for skillfully combining numerous techniques to help her clients push through their subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs.  Through the combination of ThetaHealingĀ®, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and NLP, Beth has helped her clients to identify their own patterns of sabotage, fear and old belief systems that are holding them back from success.

Beth earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in English at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts in 1991.  Although she loved teaching, she was always drawn to helping people with their personal lives.  It was a constant theme and she went back to school to work towards her Master's Degree, completing many courses in psychology, social work, paralegal and mediation.  At the same time, Beth was married and started a family.  Although she was very happy, she still felt something was missing and that she had not found her true calling in life.  

She remembers sitting and praying for guidance and literally begging for a sign for which direction to take.  Within days a letter arrived in the mail.  

It was from a friend who said "I can't stop thinking of you this week and keep seeing your face and wonder, would you like to take my hypnosis training?"  Beth took that as the sign she asked for and took a chance and it literally changed her life.  Within the same year she completed advanced training, with one of the top hypnosis trainers in the world, and has since added in many different modalities to help her clients.  

Beth is a Board Certified Hypnotist trained through Omni Hypnosis Center.  She holds Advanced certificates in 5-PATH Hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Past Life Regression and is also certified as an Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer.