Christine Rodney

Christine Rodny


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I try to practice "an attitude of gratitude" for everything in my life and to feel
deep empathy for others.  
My love of God encourages me to trust my intuition and insights, knowing that this inspiration comes from the
Holy Spirit within me.

I think of myself as a work in progress.  I have been married for 34 years to a kind and gentle man and have two wonderful sons of whom I am very proud to say I am their mom.  I have worked in the corporate Technology arena for over 20 years with all men and now work as a beauty consultant for a cosmetic/skincare line Philosophy with all women.  I converted to the Catholic faith when I was pregnant with my oldest son, but I was an unbelieving believer in God.

Life, as it will do, has presented me with some difficult situations.  But it was God's Love which brought me better understanding and acceptance, as a result of a spiritual path of what I call "my journey back to God."

When one is full of spiritual love it is easier to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, to be tolerant, to be patient, to be less angry, to be compassionate, to be generous, to be humble, and understanding.


I have met a few of these spiritual people in my life. They are filled with love.  They cast "a light of love" around them, an energy field that I can experience and feel just by being in their presence.  Because they are in touch with The Holy Spirit their energy field shines with divinity.  Their minds are open, their hearts are huge and their energy is pure love and strength.  It has sometimes brought tears to my eyes in their presence.  It reminds me that God created Jesus with a radiance of love so strong he could heal others with his touch alone.

I believe God exists in everyone's heart and soul therefore we each are love. When I feel God's love I feel more inner tranquility, more serenity.  I appreciate more simplicity in my life.

I consciously try to not let others' actions or words affect me negatively. With non-judgmental compassion, listening with my heart to try to understand what they really feel and mean to say, knowing that people who are a pain, are in pain.  I understand that self love is choosing how I react to the actions of others or events in my life.  I know now that I am truly the only one responsible for my own happiness.

I have humbly surrendered to the truth of knowing there is something bigger than myself in this universe to guide me and all human beings.  With every new situation I try to remember this, but as I mentioned in the beginning, I am a work in progress.