I am thrilled to be present with you as a Voice of Grace. My name is Danila Székely and I live in the Greater Boston Area.

I am inspired to nurture new co-creative and evolutionary relationships, tune into gorgeous possibilities for growth, and explore opportunities to share our gifts and collaborate in greater service to each other, our community,
and a world that works.

As a creative alchemist, transformation catalyst and visionary champion for evolving women I am known for creating magic that genuinely invites others to engage at a deeper level within themselves. Active in the global Feminine Power community, and co-founder of the local Boston area Feminine Power Sister Circle that meets monthly at my home, I support people to free Voice, reclaim full power and move forward with determination and resilience.  I deeply care about women as leaders using their unique gifts in meaningful contribution at work, and as leaders in designing a luminous life with vibrant well-being and spaces for creative, joyful expressions of who they truly are. 

My career has evolved through many chapters and transitions - with core themes throughout creative transformation, "growing people" and "bloom where you are planted." With a BA in Psychology from Oberlin College,  Phi Beta Kappa and a M.Ed.from Tufts University,  my career began in education/teaching early childhood through 6th graders.  I then transitioned into the technology and personal computer space training, consulting and working in software application. Upon receiving my MBA in Marketing from Babson College, with high distinction I transitioned into "corporate' with a leading global learning and development firm that focuses on leadership, service and sales. It was here that I held a variety of leadership roles and positions including product and business development, sales, marketing project management and found my sweet spot in master training and workshop facilitation. 

After leaving corporate and full time employment at the end of 1999, I continued my path of learning and personal development through many Coaching, Leadership and Vocal Awareness™ Certifications. As an Entrepreneur I bring my lifelong passion for beauty, spirituality, psychology and the heart of leadership and relationship in service of individual transformation and collective expression. Just as I integrate mind/body/spirit/heart and strive to live with conscious awareness, I show others how to do the same.