I am a light worker who believes that when we join together and raise our vibration through love we help to balance out the world.


I work as a Kriya massage therapist and have been in business for twelve years. My husband, Jim and I started creating Simply Soothing Sanctuary about eight years ago.  We offer many different modalities to bring about relaxation.  We feel that the journey to healing starts from the inside out!  With that in mind, our journey is to offer a place where one can come and find the Sacred Space to create this.

As a licensed Kriya massage therapist, Reiki Shamballa Master and Yoga instructor, I work out of my home in Kingston, MA where my husband and I have created an environment that works on the premise that we heal from the "Inside Out" through helping people to bring themselves to this place from a point of relaxation.

I came into this field of work after 911, when I took a look at my life and asked myself the question, "If you died tomorrow, do you feel you have served your soul's purpose?" Shortly after that I ended up with some recovery time causing me to stay home and do little to nothing after a surgery.  At this time I found out about a massage school nearby and my journey began.  I started school in January 2002 and graduated in 2003.  My business "Simply Soothing Sanctuary" is my Gift and I try to give back when possible.

I have a 7 -circuit classic labyrinth in my backyard for walking and sacred space for yoga and mediation.  We like to say that once you come to visit you keep coming "Home."