Diahana Barnes brings a gentle strength and lightness to the Voices of Grace team.  As a Mom, leader, trainer, entrepreneur and corporate business woman, she knows the power of taking time to pause on purpose to renew her soul. Diahana's natural positivity and brilliance are a gift to community...

Her formal bio includes a Master's Degree in Organizational Management & Development, eLearning Certification, and her Health Coaching Certification.  She also has over 20 years of experience in the Corporate sector, working in the technology industry in training & development, sales strategy, marketing and communications. She ha been a speaker for ASTD, Training Magazine, eLearning Guild and the Learning Consortium.

DIahana loves coffee (and a newly found favorite-tea), spending the day at the beach with family, and her iPad Mini!  She loves to read, coaching others, being a cheerleader and being a positive influence to everyone around her. In her own words...

Each of us is unique, beautiful and special. I believe in giving joy to others, sharing health and wellbeing by creating a community and a space that allows everyone to support each other.

Mindful living, health and wellness - shared through a kind word, a gentle whisper, a beautiful thought, a fun recipe, a quick word of encouragement - gives all it touches a whisper of energy, focus, happy and purposeful meaning.

Finding balance, including a peaceful mind, healthy body and joyful spirit, for me is about having a fully integrated life that allows for fun, work, time with family and time for my-self and I invite you to join us in an innovative way to experience life, health, and wellness differently through our community and movement of Simply Grace.

I love finding new and beautiful ways to achieve balance, feel free to share yours!