Jodi Redhawk is a Spiritual Healer/Teacher, Medicine Woman, Shaman, Author and Founder for The Healing Community Centers, a newly developing Global organization for Consciousness Education, Integrative Healthcare and Peace.  In addition to playing this role for the HCC, she has a private practice, Ascension Holistic Health in which she blends the medicine of Eastern, Western, Native American, Sound Healing (drumming, changing, singing bowl, etc.) her book, and her relationship with Spirit to assist in bringing energetic alignment to individuals and groups for energy releasing.receiving for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health maintenance, prevention, treatment and spiritual awakening.  It is her deepest passion, joy and honor to have this job.  Her current priority is finding the family whose destiny it is to be a part of birthing this stellar global organization for peace.

Hello Family! I'm so happy, humbled and honored to be a part of this extraordinary group of graceful women, whose intention it is to be a voice, a light, a guide for love, for peace
and all that entails...

...the Goddess Founders of Simply Grace asked us to write a little something for you, and I want to share with you why I said yes to the invitation to be on the Voices of Grace Radio team.  

There is a message from the Hopi Elders which states" "...WE are the ones we've been waiting for" and I am searching for humans on this planet who know that. Let me tell you, these women know this.  We all have good intentions to do good things, and we all also sometimes get busy, and don't follow through.  I bop you over the head with my magic faeire wand of love and say, follow through on using this resource for you.  It is time for us SISTERS, to come together, support, encourage, challenge and love each other, so we can b good stewards and honor our Mother Earth, bringing her rightful place in the cosmos, a planet of unbound love, harmony, peace & light, to it's shining triumphant place in history, and her story. A-Hoa, Namaste, Shalom, Love, Love, Love n Light to you!

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