Love connects us...Always.

We have a divinely orchestrated relationship
and loving friendship with Centro Scalzi, home of an established youth organization led by our beloved friend, Father Roberto Mangi in Venice, Italy.  Over fifty young adults from Venice have participated in volunteer opportunities and life changing experiences with the kids from Monson, MA over the past four years...

Father Roberto Scalzi IMG_3822.jpeg

Our hope is to create this awareness and birth of Seeds of Hope
in the summer of 2015 honoring Monson, MA as the host community for these global happenings over the past four years, with a co-creation process with
our Venetian friends and young women of Seeds of Hope.  

We will be designing a "Sacred Space of Hope"...
a little bit of heaven on earth, in Monson for all to embrace.  
This space will provide community with an opportunity to pause on purpose
in the divine sanctuary of nature where one will experience stillness,
quiet, peace of mind and grace.

Additionally, we are creating an art installation to scatter around Monson
this summer, to gently remind community to be kind,
to be compassionate, to be love, to be hope...


Kindness creates kindness... Always.

It is our greatest hope to honor the founding youth leaders of Seeds of Hope with a trip to Venice this summer to a global summit and meeting of the hearts, minds and souls in guiding the birthing process of Seeds of Hope...  

We have been offered an opportunity to be guests of Father Roberto at the Scalzi Monastery in Venice, Italy providing the girls with a deeply sacred experience, honoring a global diversity of faith... in service of love.  

This life changing event will lay the foundation
for an ongoing movement of grace...  

Love connects us

A beautiful acronym for ASK is:
always seeking kindness.  

We are so grateful for your consideration, we are asking for your help.  With your generosity of kindness and grace in a donation we will fund the birthing
of the non-profit, Seeds of Hope.  You may help by purchasing a Seeds of Hope Necklace, Fine Silver Bracelet or Tee Shirt.  We appreciate you so very much!

With our friends from Italy we will co-create and install the art installation, develop and continue to nurture the sacred space of stillness in Monson, along with co-creating and developing mentoring opportunities for the young women in community, locally and internationally.

We are honoring the whispers from the universe to our soul, we are humbled and joyful to scatter seeds of hope, kindness and love to humanity as the Seeds of Hope.  With your kindness and generosity of grace we will honor our calling to collectively serve humanity...

We believe kindness creates kindness...
This is our hope. Always.

We believe hope is the dream of the soul awake...
Hope is the possibility of God's blessing to the individual encouraging the soul to gently awaken and connect with all others in lovingkindness...

This is what it means to be Seeds of Hope.

Love connects us... Always.

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We gently nudge you to consider supporting our very first fundraising effort to support the birthing process of our non-profit: Seeds of Hope.  With your kindness and purchase of a teeshirt you will be helping us create an awareness tin the world... As we scatter seeds of hope, kindness and love to humanity!