It is with deep honor that I have accepted the call to join the Simply Grace family.  To be a part of something that resonates so profoundly with my life's mission is amazing!  I believe that it is everybody's birthright to live a life of peace, love, and bliss...that it is our essential nature.  Many people have gotten lost along the way and I have faith that they will heal and find their way home through the efforts of people like my sisters of Simply Grace, spreading "kindness, compassion and unconditional love."

My spiritual journey began when I was very young.  I came into the world an extremely sensitive person who cares deeply for all God's creatures and creations.  I grew up in a large family with plenty of opportunity to exercise my sensitivity, not always pleasant.  However, there were many joyful moments to temper the not so joyful ones.

For me God is love and is in every living thing. I know I am watched over by angels and believe there is a Divine energy that sustains all of us.  

I worship through the raising up of my voice to God, through walks in nature, through sensual pleasure, and through being kind, compassionate and loving to all those I encounter.

When my sons were born, it gave me another opportunity to share my love and open my eyes to the world through the eyes of a child once again.  I have always felt a sense of wonder for the simple things in life.  When they were around the ages of six and eight, I discovered yoga and its teachings.  Yoga provided far-reaching benefits that changed my life, helping me to integrate family obligations with self-discovery.

When my sons left for college, the next chapter of my life opened me up to looking at how I could share my love and gifts with others.  I wanted to touch people's lives in a meaningful way.  My life's mission revealed itself to be embodying a life of love and radiating it out to the world.  As well as, using my yoga teachings, massage therapy, energy healing, and health coaching, to become a catalyst for my students and clients, helping them to illuminate and restore balance to mind, body and spirit.

Inner Radiance Wellness