Amazing Grace...

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Amazing Grace...

By, Ruschelle Khanna

Author, 30 Days of Prayer
Healing Autoimmunity for Women

When I first became ill in March of last year, I was extremely angry with God.  As a psychotherapist, I had already decided to spend my career helping women obtain optimal mental and physical health care.  Why had God thrown me into a mysterious illness, causing me to be shuffled from physician to physician with no answers? 

I had begun attending a nearby church about five weeks prior to the time when my seizures began.  LIttle did I know what a huge support my church community would be in my recovery.  About one month into my illness, one of the Ministers hosted a half-day prayer retreat where we learned different styles and methods of praying.  I was so sick and could barely remember any details of the event.  But there is one part I will never forget.  

I remember coming in late.  The Minister led me to sit next to this beautiful young woman.  There, tucked between the edge of the pew and this new stranger, I suddenly felt supported. I actually had the strength to sit through a half- or long day of prayer and reflection.  The retreat continued and we were separated into groups.  Each group was given a different person from the Bible to reflect their prayer style.  My group was given Jesus as an example.  Of all the people in the Bible, Jesus’ unique way of approaching prayer is one of the most inspiring examples of a life well-lived.  Jesus was real.  He wasn’t afraid to question God.  And this was exactly the message I needed, since I was in the midst of a sea of questions. 

The day ended and I went to thank the Minister.  She asked me to wait and  she wanted to introduce me to someone she had chosen to be my personal prayer partner due to my current medical crisis.  I waited in the hall as everyone gathered their things to leave.  A few minutes later, she came back into the hall with Abby.  Abby was the beautiful woman whose presence so comforted me as I sat beside her in the beginning of the retreat.  I burst into tears.  I had an overwhelming feeling that I was actually going to be able to get through this lonely, dark period in my life. 

Weeks passed and I slowly started to recover from the light and sound sensitivity.  I was able to stand for more than a few minutes.  My cognition returned.  I was diagnosed with Neurological Lyme Disease and began the proper treatment.  Week after week, Abby would meet me, come to my home or chat on the phone.  We prayed out loud.  We prayed silently.  We set designated times to pray apart.  We were honest and open about how to approach God during this scary, confusing time.  There were times when I felt that I might overwhelm her with my pain.  But she was consistent, loving and available.  Before this event, I never knew that such a thing as a prayer partner even existed.  I am forever grateful to my church and their prayer partner program for providing me with an absolute angel in Abby. 

Today, almost one year after having met my prayer partner, I am well on my way to recovering. And more than that, my life has blossomed in unimaginable ways.  Before my illness, I aspired to do many things.  My illness and pain catapulted my life into a direction of clarity and focus like I have never had before.  One of the first projects that came from my healing has been the writing of a collection of prayers, reflections and healing prompts for women with autoimmune disease and/or disorders.

Lyme disease caused extreme inflammation in my body which resulted in months of intense pain.  Without Abby, I would not have survived. 

It is with great joy and thanksgiving that I share my healing story with you.  I want to remind everyone that pain is an incredible catalyst for growth and that there is absolutely no reason to run from seemingly difficult seasons that arise.  We are here to experience the fullness of life. 

That is amazing grace. 


Ruschelle Khanna

Ruschelle Khanna, LCSW is a dynamic speaker and psychotherapist in Manhattan.  Her beautiful voice of grace has been shared on Simply Grace Radio, offering the gift of present moment awareness and prayer. Since 2001 she has worked as a psychotherapist in Manhattan helping women restore health and vitality to their lives. In early 2014 she was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease and began experiencing autoimmune reactions.  While experiencing extreme physical pain in her brain and spinal cord, she awakened to the full meaning of present centered living and connection with Divine Spirit.  Since that time, she has devoted her time to teaching women to stop running from their pain, to take control of their lives and live in the joy of the present moment.  It is her hope that you are nurtured, inspired and revitalized by her experience, resources, meditations and prayers.

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Pause on purpose for moments of peace.


Enjoy this beautiful prayer and meditation...

An opportunity for renewal.

- Kate Trudeau

This meditation was presented live on Simply Grace Radio through the Blessing Circle. Invite your heart to soften and experience peace...
Enjoy at your leisure...

Come with us for little moment of peace. Sit and close your eyes with us. Let your feet move flat to the floor. Breathe deeply, and invite your mind to put aside its chatter and worry for just a little while, just a moment of renewal.
Breathe. Pause.

Here and Now, let’s renew our Spirits through our commitments to a different way of life.

Here and Now, let’s renew our commitment 
to a Kinder way of life,
to a Path of Grace.

Here and Now, let’s renew our commitment 
to forgive first, before speaking,
to hear another’s pain, before judging,
to feel gratitude for what we have, before stressing over what we have not.

Here and Now, let’s pause together, and renew ourselves by renewing our commitment to a Spiritual Life.

Breathe deeply. Reflect.

Where can Gratitude for what you have ease your stress for this day?
Where can acceptance of another soften your defenses today?
Where can forgiveness melt your own pain in this moment?

Breathe. Pause. Release.

Let’s forgive, together, now. Let’s accept, together, now. Let’s be grateful for all we have, together, now.

Come with us.
For just a moment.
Let’s renew our commitment to Kindness and its vivid energy in our lives.
Let’s accept Grace and be renewed.

Namaste. Amen. Blessed be. Shalom.

Kate Trudeau

Kate Trudeau is an Herbalist, a Minister, a Reiki Master, a Breathe Coach, a Life Coach and an Astrologer.  Additionally she writes and illustrates Children's books designed to give parents and children opportunities to discuss self-control through self-acceptance.  

Ordained in New York at The New Seminary, a United Nations project, Kate trained to support all spiritual beliefs, traditions and needs as an Interfaith Minister.  Throughout her work, Kate strives to create a space where all visions of the Divine are honored and may be expressed as a needed priority or personal goal.

A Yale graduate, Kate is also a garden variety Geek, an ardent believer in the Internet, Computers, Smart Phones, and everything else that this technological age can bring.  She owns her own Internet Technology business with her husband.






By, Brother David Luke Hutton, OEF

Droplets of icy rain clattered at my windowpane, as temperatures dropped and darkened clouds indicated worse weather was shortly to arrive.

Inside a cozy, small fire crackled in the fireplace, the glow from a soft overhead light shone, as the steady beat for a hundred year old-plus mantle clock kept time as I waited for my appointed telephone chat with Nancy Feth and Mikki Lessard.

Nancy and I had met some time ago, at a weekend retreat hosted by my religious order, Mikki was New to me, though having read her “Simply Grace” posts and interacting with her on the machine called “Social Media” made me pleasantly anxious to meet this sister-this “Kindred Spirit” to quote author Lucy Maude Montgomery of “Anne of Green Gables” fame.

After all, are we Not all called to be kindred spirits? No? Why Not? Perhaps Kindred-Ness has become a relic of the past..Like Mrs. Montgomery's, Anne Shirley’s, teaching in a one room school house. Perhaps Kindred Spirits are found now-rarely. Maybe they always have been. The stuff of professional guides and teachers, spiritual directors? You know, “Religious People” regardless of religion. Even then, the Heart Knows Heart. Soul drinks from the same Well-Spring.

The telephone rings, its Nancy, and soon Mikki. We use Mikki's travel time to the best possible advantage. We don't waste one of the greatest commodities a person has, “Time” as we jump into the pool of kindredness. Chatting like old friends, happily reunited.

Yet, there is something else in the conversation..Another Commodity, the treasure of Listening. Of waiting for the other to finish their sentence, thought, or in my case, failing of words to fully capture the gift of Joy, God calls me to.

I have for some time, been very interested in focus of the “Simply Grace” phenomenon.

I sense a new mission that uplifts many of us, living and trying to live, in today's world that I can very much relate to. I have also come to recognize the empowerment that love can have on a person. As well as reflection, meditation, kindness between women and, of, women. For this is the world I walk in.

Ushered into a world by strong women, goes back years and the plains of Kansas, where I was born by two nurses as the doctor was tied up on the railroad tracks that spanned miles and hours. Then later, my mother would finish raising me alone, as other Journey Women, with purpose and love, walking with me in my formation as I grew into young adulthood and now middle age. I have been exposed to the marches for Equality..I have seen the marginalization so many women have experienced. The violence and the hurt. In my own family and those I most love. I suppose its here, that Simply Grace rings such truth to me. Not as an Outsider looking in, but as a fellow Journey Person on this path of life.

It's this Energy, not clearly defined other than Truth and Building Up-that as a man and a professed member of a religious Order that feels so right. I have sensed first through Nancy, and later, Mikki an UN-scriptedness that defies logic in world, Very often Illogical, but I'm hopeful and hope filled. A place where we come to a Table, not set for only a few, but room for All. A place that says we instead of “I”. ”US” instead of “Them.”

I'm reminded in my reflection with Mikki and Nancy, that today really Is ours to start a Good Work. First in the heart, then the home and far beyond. Not for the sake of doing or being good people, but because Love guides the way.

Your brother,
David Luke Hutton, O.E.F


Brother David Luke Hutton, O.E.F.

A dear friend of community, you will often see Brother David Luke commenting or supporting Simply Grace on our community Facebook page. Brother David Luke understands what it means to live a life of faith honoring the sacred in a secular world.  As part of the OEF, (Order of Ecumenical Franciscans) he brings the heart of Christ to the world through the practice of following the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi. He often conducts retreats for members of the Order and invites others to experience the Franciscan way.

Brother David Luke Hutton is  a Solemnly vowed member of a branch of the Franciscan Order. Currently he is serving as Regional Territory Manager for Seniors Helping Seniors-Middle TN branch.

During his tenure as Executive Director, Maristone was awarded Best Senior Living Retirement Community 2013-2014 by the Tennessean newspaper poll of over 17, 600 voters. he holds an exemplary record in staff creation, management, senior retention. Nashville Business Journal's "Best of 2013" list.

Brother David Luke has thirty four years of health care experience serving special populations from direct care provider and as a licensed health care administrator. Areas of expertise include: Program Management, Executive Director, Memory Care Unit Management. Outstanding Professional references.


Order of Ecumenical Franciscans

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Clarity, flowing like water...


Clarity, flowing like water…

~ Nancy Feth

Imagine being water, crystal clear water… connected to the source of all water, filled with life.  See yourself flowing with ease, moving gracefully along a path, powered bytrust in your connection to your divine nature. You are never alone, and are always connected to this current, able to meet whatever shows up along your path. With clarity you know you are grace, connected to every drop of water on the earth, while bringing your own unique essence to each moment.

The Challenge

It’s taken me years to be able to embrace clarity and the flow of life, and see myself as part of this current as opposed to one who is separate and being consumed by the intensity of the current. As a young child I would find myself swimming in emotional waters spiraling round and round, between recycling the past and fearing the future. I was riding waves of self-judgment that kept me from living in the present and embracing the grace within. I’ve got an idea of where this came from, and the point is that I spent a lot of years being swept away by emotional water that seemed to have a mind of its own.

There were many along my path who would try to reflect my own light back to me, and to gently invite me to look within rather than outside of myself, and time and time again I would get caught in the same trap of allowing external circumstances and environmental conditions to dictate my happiness and wellbeing. I was under the illusion of control and believed that I was responsible for everything, even things outside my direct influence. I had not yet learned the distinction between being responsible and being response-able…able to consciously and intentionally choose my response to life as it unfolds.


The world is a very busy place. Lots of things compete for our attention in any given day, let alone any given moment. There was always a reason to allow something outside to take precedence over the quiet voice within inviting me to slow down and do less. Who would I be without all that occupied my mind and life? The thought was terrifying. What would I discover if I actually slowed down and went within? What would be asked of me? Would I be up for the task? Fear had me in its grip. I was now under the illusion of not enough and did not trust myself. Only problem was, I did not see this I simply lived it.


Over time there were a series of events that happened to allow gentle currents of grace to flow through my heart. People and experiences showed up inviting me to loosen the hold I had on life and to surrender. It became very apparent that life moves in, with, and through us… grace and love are always present. We choose to be open and willing to dance with it or block the flow. In each moment we have a choice to receive what is here and respond to it in a way that makes sense to us. We have choice in how we flow with the divine gift of life.

The day I understood we can cultivate awareness of grace and by paying attention to our inner world we shift our outer world, everything changed. I now remain open to the divine unfolding of life… observing my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Miracles happen in ordinary moments, and we make adjustments along the way. Now I take time for prayer, meditation, and time in nature, practices that allow me to connect to the grace of the moment receiving clarity and guidance. The most amazing thing is the peace cultivated in stillness is available when we step back into the busyness of life.

I still have days where I fall into forgetfulness, and am consumed by things outside of my control. Life is not always easy, it is sometimes very rocky. What’s different now, is the time it takes to notice and actively choose my response to this awareness and step into grace. There are many more moments of flowing like water, embracing the clarity that comes with being IN the grace of the present moment, right here, right now.


Nancy Feth

Founder, Simply Grace

When we see with our hearts, our intentions are pure…
to be kind, to be compassionate, to be love.
This is humanity at its very best. 
This is simply grace.

Welcome to community.

In June of 2014 I launched the business, and brand of Simply Grace with my partners Mikki Lessard and Diahana Barnes. It is our intention to create a women’s community and movement of grace to honor diversity in faith and experience, integrating the sacred and secular dimensions of life. Through face to face, heart to heart and soul to soul experiences, we are creating a platform to foster kindness, compassion and love through authentic connection in relationship.

Simply Grace offers weekly online radio shows, Just Breathe, and the Blessing Circle, to create space for intentional spiritual practices of mindfulness, gratitude and prayer in daily life. We also are attracting kindred spirits who are passionate about living their calling in service of creating a world that works for all to join in conversation monthly on our Awakening Grace online radio shows. It is our intention to create a gentle shift in the world, one person, one community at a time. Through our social media offerings, online programs, live workshops and experiences, we are inviting people into a new way of seeing life and doing business. Our core values of collaboration, partnership, and faith guide our work.

To support this movement of grace and awareness we have also created an online shopping experience, the Simply Serendipity Boutique offering handcrafted jewelry and gifts from artisans around the world. We have an exclusive line of Venetian Murano Glass Jewelry from Italy designed especially for our customers, community and brand. Everything we do is in service of awakening grace in the heart and lives of each person we meet. We are social entrepreneurs with a vision to heal humanity through relationship and community.

Kindness creates kindness… Always.




Graceful New Years...

Graceful New Years...

~ Kate Trudeau

It’s Family Movie Night, and my daughter Melissa chooses X-Men, Days of Future Past.  Science Fiction is always fun, but suddenly in the middle of the movie, a dramatic moment between two lead characters lifts me to a new understanding.  “Look past my pain.  It doesn’t matter.  Look for your own future.”  says one desperate Mutant to another, who then is motivated to go beyond his self-pain focus and to join the World in Service.

We love that stuff; we 21st century humans.  From Mockingjays to Mutant Warriors, Chivalrous Knights to Fairytale Villains, we soak up meaning and feel good watching others be so inspired, that they put aside almost impossible to bear pain and injury, fears and long-standing self-beliefs.  We thrill as others answer the Call, shed their self-images and move into new, uncharted territories.

Why?  Because we know, in our hearts, that our own long-held traumas and opinion shaping decisions, are what blocks our own paths to greatness.  It is inspiring yet oddly comforting to watch greatness revealed in others, in extreme, and let’s face it, highly unlikely circumstances.

But for this New Year, let’s consider a new model.  Let’s consider looking beyond our own pain, because it doesn’t matter.  Let’s consider surrendering to our own Grace —- our own strength, wisdom and destiny.  Stop for a moment and consider how we can arrange our lives, our habits —- even our furniture and knick knacks, so that our every day supports us and reminds us:

            Go beyond our pain; it doesn’t matter.

Every time we start to shape a situation around some past event or long-held superstition, let’s stop and support ourselves in leaving it behind.  Let’s try a different way, a new color or a new form of communication.  Every time we begin that internal conversation about wrongs done to or even by us, let’s change the subject.  Let’s think about something else, or focus outside ourselves.  Every time we reach for something to ease the edge of experience, let’s reach for each other instead.  Let’s stand together for a cause so important, it can unite a disparate humanity.

Look beyond my pain.  It doesn’t matter.  It isn’t as important as my Grace.

Kate Trudeau is an Herbalist, a Minister, a Reiki Master, a Breathe Coach, a Life Coach and an Astrologer.  Additionally she writes and illustrates Children’s books designed to give parents and children opportunities to discuss self-control through self-acceptance.  

Ordained in New York at The New Seminary, a United Nations project, Kate trained to support all spiritual beliefs, traditions and needs as an Interfaith Minister.  Throughout her work, Kate strives to create a space where all visions of the Divine are honored and may be expressed as a needed priority or personal goal.

A Yale graduate, Kate is also a garden variety Geek, an ardent believer in the Internet, Computers, Smart Phones, and everything else that this technological age can bring.  She owns her own Internet Technology business with her husband.

Baabaarino Children’s Books
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Miracles Await...

Miracles await...

~ Mikki Lessard

 Every day holds the possibility of a miracle… Elizabeth David

This is the time of new beginnings, of endless possibilities…
In every moment we begin again, with the possibility of experiencing a miracle and being a miracle, this gift of grace is our birth right.  

My intention is pure; with divine inspired clarity and grace I am honoring my calling.   Surrendering to my truth, with non judgmental compassionate awareness of self.   I did not receive the instruction manual for life, and with my humanness, I have made quite a few mistakes and with self compassion  I  forgive myself completely.    The atone spiritual reset button has been pushed (it was easy) spiritually resetting and aligning my journey with my truth and calling.  Within this divine space of atonement and self compassion, I recognize each detour and delay were intentional whispers of wisdom,   necessary preparation, gifted from God.   In the divine space of just breathing and being present in the moments with God I experience a peace and calm, surrendering to deeper inquiries of my soul . There are no testimonies of truth without the test; the vulnerable moments we experience are truly the moments grace is revealed.  

With all that I am, my heart and soul are infused with a passionate commitment to inspire women to embrace the fearless courage necessary to create gentle shifts in their lives, trusting and leaning into the arms of grace and God.    

My vision is simple, my intention is pure, through divinely orchestrated moments of awareness, gentle movements and waves of grace will be experienced  simply with grace.  These mindful moments will be expressed and experienced to gently nudge the community to go within, quieting the negative chatter, connecting with God spiritually through a deeper inquiry of simple questions of self and the divine that resides in our souls….trusting and believing.

I have been gently nudged by God, encouraged to embrace my inner wisdom and truth, embracing my imagination not to scare myself to death, but rather to become inspired and dance with the vision of my highest reality.   I have discovered the blessing of imagination allows each of us the freedom to create the inner vision of our heart and soul, which allows us to participate in the act of the co-creation with God.    Our dreams have been planted in our soul by God.  Nurturing our dreams and our highest reality is the invisible connecting link to manifesting and living our ultimate destiny and calling while on Earth, with humanity connecting as one.

I close my eyes and imagine being present with a deep understanding and knowing there is great joy to be expressed and experienced each and every day.   With unconditional love, trusting and witnessing the abundance of goodness in each and every soul we are divinely connected to, knowing each connection is so intentional.    Breathing in the grace of ordinary moments…knowing there really are no ordinary moments.  And with every breath, knowing at our deepest level we are enough…perfectly divine, created in the likeness of God.  Moments of awareness, that simply takes our breath away.    

Spiritual healing is the process of guiding a soul to remember, to gently nudge and awaken the inner wisdom that has been dormant within.  Through this deeper level of consciousness and divine orchestration we then are capable of expressing kindness, compassionate awareness and unconditional love.   When we see with our hearts, we then remember how to bless and release all that might cause ourselves inner or outer harm with forgiveness, no judgment and love. This is humanity at its very best, this is simply grace.

In every moment we may begin again.  Your life is not a dress rehearsal…   Miracles await for you each every day…trust in this truth and lean back into the arms of grace and God. 

My wish for humanity is simple.  May each soul experience abundant moments of light, laughter, peace, hope, compassion, joy and above all much love.   Namaste’ and God Bless…

With gratitude, grace and love…
Mikki Lessard

Founder, Simply Grace   

Gently awakening grace, scattering joy on purpose…. 
My intentions are pure and simple, my hope is to gently awaken grace, one soul at a time…


Mikki Lessard
Founder, Simply Grace

My intentions are pure and simple, my hope is to gently awaken grace, one soul at a time…

Simply Grace is a movement of kindness, compassion and love.  This is an invitation for women to connect to their inner beauty and essence while gently awakening their grace, sustaining life and moving in relationship. Women naturally create community and a divine sense of belonging.  They are led inwardly by love. It’s time to strengthen this gift and share it with the world.   

When we see with our hearts our intentions are pure. To be kind, to be compassionate, to be love. This is humanity at its very best.  This is simply grace…

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The Gentle Joys of Thanksgiving...

The Gentle Joys of Thanksgiving…

~ Mikki Lessard

One of my first memories in truly understanding “Thanksgiving” was as a little girl, experiencing Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts with my Mom on a school field trip.  I will always remember a quiet conversation I shared with my Mother that afternoon while standing in a meadow overlooking the bay, discussing what the Pilgrims might have experienced.  My Mom encouraged me to imagine, to visualize, wonder and honor those souls.  I imagined the kindness extended within the community and also the heartache of losing family.   I imagined and believed the place where my Mom and I were standing might be where the families of both the Pilgrims and Native Americans held hands, gratefully sharing grace and the abundant blessings of the first Thanksgiving.    

Forty five years later, I pause on purpose, honoring the wisdom I gathered those many years ago as a little girl, while cherishing the blessings and memories of each of the ‘Thanksgivings’ of my life.  The story of my family began over fifty years ago, when my parents were wed on Thanksgiving morning, in the home where my mother lived with her family. The space was sacred to my our family, my parents purchased the home a few years later from my grandparents to raise their family.   I smile, when I think of the love in my family home, especially when my five little brothers and I were little children.  With each year our family experienced change, our family grew larger with adoptions, marriages, beautiful children and now grandchildren and great grandchildren.  With all my heart, I embrace the belief: to experience love is truly the greatest blessing of life.  With the passing of my beloved grandparents and my amazing brother, I have been reminded what matters most in life…is my faith and the love of family. 

Our family has a beautiful tradition on Thanksgiving.  Before saying grace, we share our love of being present with one another as a family, honoring each other, our parents’ anniversary and remembering those who are no longer with us.  While holding hands as a family, each family member shares what they are most grateful for in their life…this experience of connecting our hearts and souls through sharing is one of my greatest joys and blessings of being a family.  I am gently reminded through our Thanksgiving tradition, a simple truth, the feeling of being love is what I love most about being a human being…

My calling, my purpose is simply to gently awaken grace… I learned my simple truth, words and calling by observing my beautiful, kind, compassionate and loving parents  my entire life.  I am who I am, blessed with New England common sense and huge heart f because of my parents simple and pure intentions and wisdom, to raise a family who loves each other unconditionally.  And we do.  I am humbled, blessed and grateful for the memories of my heart and soul…

I wish you and your family abundant blessings light, love and the gentle joys of Thanksgiving…

With gratitude, grace and love,

Mikki Lessard
Founder, Simply Grace


Mikki Lessard
Founder, Simply Grace

My intentions are pure and simple, my hope is to gently awaken grace, one soul at a time…

Simply Grace is a movement of kindness, compassion and love.  This is an invitation for women to connect to their inner beauty and essence while gently awakening their grace, sustaining life and moving in relationship. Women naturally create community and a divine sense of belonging.  They are led inwardly by love. It’s time to strengthen this gift and share it with the world.   

When we see with our hearts our intentions are pure. To be kind, to be compassionate, to be love. This is humanity at its very best.  This is simply grace…

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Just Breathe...

Just breathe…
Meditate?  Really?

~Mikki Lessard

Without judgment, just curious…
Do you answer yes to the following questions?  Is this you beautiful?

*  Yes, I know need to relax more, but my life aka stress keeps getting in the way… 
*  Yes, I am very busy…I do not have time for anything else in my life…
*  Yes, my mind is constantly full of  ‘stuff’ … 
*  Yes, I am in overwhelm…again… 
*  Yes, my middle name is multi-tasking…
*  Yes, my body is in ‘dis-ease’ often…
*  Yes, I am certain, I can’t sit still for that long…
*  Yes, for sure, I am not the ‘meditating’ type…
*  Is this yoga?   I am not going to cross my legs…or lay on a mat…or chant…or…

Oh, beautiful one, I can relate. That was me for many, many years…

I discovered most of society is externally focused and disconnected from what truly brings them joy. We are disconnected from ourselves and our internal inner knowing. There is a shift that is occurring. The truth is there is a different way to live our lives; a life that has fewer struggles, less stress, inviting more contentment and peace of mind to each day…

Without judgment….
I would like to share a few personal discoveries about meditation:

*  We all sleep…which is often compared to meditation.
*  Meditation is simply a pause on purpose…relaxing your body, mind and spirit.
*  Simply ‘being’ aware and present is a wonderful way to begin meditating.
*  Meditation could be as simple as quietly sitting and mindfully experiencing a few 
    deep breaths a few times a day.
*  Meditation is the practice of becoming still, detached from the ‘chatter’ of our mind.
*  A quiet mind provides a ‘stress less’ way of living and being, releasing ‘dis-ease’.
*  Relaxation releases dormant energy, increases vitality, strength and clarity…
    allowing our mind to be light, creative and joyful.


When we reconnect to ourselves, to our values and what brings us joy, we create a life that is fulfilling and has meaning.   New research shows how meditation actually re-wires the brain to be happier.

Meditation 101

Just Breathe...  A Beginners Guide to Mediation:

  1.  Gift yourself a moment of stillness…
       Begin by creating a quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably,
       with no interruptions.   Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths…

  2. Simply breath… 
      Be aware of your breathing…make no effort to control your
      breathing…notice how your body moves with each breath.
      With each breath…let your thoughts go…
      If your mind wanders, simply return your attention on your breathing…
3.  Listen to your inner guide…
     Allow this “pause on purpose” to continue for 2 to 3 minutes, and then gradually 
     experience your meditation practice for longer periods of time.

4.  Pause on purpose, a divine interruption…
     Mindfully create short meditation ‘pauses on purpose’ into each day… Simply
     and mindfully breathe before stress full experiences (phone calls, meetings, etc)
     With compassionate awareness,  honoring your self care needs, practice meditative
     breathing to create a sense of peace of mind, calm, clarity, well-being and joy…
May you know peace in your soul. 
May you know love in your heart.  

With gratitude and grace,

Mikki Lessard
Founder, Simply Grace

mikilogo reduced.jpg

Mikki Lessard
Founder, Simply Grace

My intentions are pure and simple, my hope is to gently awaken grace, one soul at a time…

We recognize and honor the amazing benefits of a daily ritual of  pausing on purpose.  Being highly intentional, each Monday, we begin our week, offering:  Just Breathe, on Simply Grace Radio via Blog Talk Radio.  The show features a beautiful centering experience and guided meditation, offered to gently create awareness and connection to the abundant grace present in our lives. This beautiful pause on purpose is a divine interruption, honoring our self-care needs while connecting to our intentions and spirit for guidance, light and love.      

Simply Grace is a movement of kindness, compassion and love.  This is an invitation for women to connect to their inner beauty and essence while gently awakening their grace, sustaining life and moving in relationship. Women naturally create community and a divine sense of belonging.  They are led inwardly by love. It’s time to strengthen this gift and share it with the world.   

When we see with our hearts our intentions are pure. To be kind, to be compassionate, to be love. This is humanity at its very best.  This is simply grace…   

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Radical Gratitude...

Radical Gratitude…

Beyond Ideas of Life and Death

~ Will Pye

When I initially encountered the diagnosis of a brain tumor I embraced the possibility I was going to die in the next few months or couple of years. I really got into the idea and let go of all ambitions, plans, desires, hope, ideas of who I should become or not become, fears of what might or might not be and so on and in so doing a funny thing happened - life became enough, more than enough, just as it is. Life being this. This. This. Whatever form this currently takes, whatever form arises within this 'this', ultimately life is only always this. After a few months of contracting back into learnt patterns of fear and imagining something needs to happen for joy to arise I have awoken once more to the ever-present underlying joy that is more me than me. Being this joy is far more important than trifling matters of when I will die or prolonging life not least because being this joy is the most healing, nay healed, experience I know. So, in giving up all ideas of healing, all methods, techniques, practices, all striving and just being with this moment, the only moment there ever truly is, I am healed. That is I am whole; I experience myself as whole and complete.

Right now I am alive. Right now I am completely free of any symptoms of having a brain tumour. In this I am wonderfully lucky and unspeakably grateful. Indeed my day-to-day experience is not someone who has a brain tumour.  I have a website and book which speak to the experience and one might interpret this as evidence that it defines my life yet the content emphasises that the experience is in fact not an 'I have a brain tumour experience' or 'I am going to die experience' but rather 'Look! This brilliance, this extraordinary experience we call life. Look!' It is a pointing to the ever-present delightful mystery of being alive. And it happened to be the case in this experience that it took a diagnosis of a brain-tumour to really bring this home. And it happens to be the case that 'I was diagnosed with a brain-tumour and there is joy' gets attention in a way that 'there is joy' does not quite achieve. Of course in either instance the key message is that there is joy. This joy is complete and needs nothing yet in my experience there is a wanting to share, a wanting to connect. To observe this joy arise in my experience is a joyous experience on top of the joy, truly joy of joys. Similarly when I point to this joy or speak from this joy and another has it arise in their experience I am more deeply immersed in the experience of joy.  Indeed sometimes when this happens for a while, at a talk perhaps, there is an almost complete loss of self-consciousness; the joy and expanse is so overwhelming that there is simply no room for thoughts of me, the usual 'I hope I look good'/'I hope I don't look bad'/'I want this'/'I don't want that' to arise. This is very very nice!

So it should be clear why I am sharing on this curious topic. Why I am writing, speaking about the experience to anyone that will listen - it is joyous for me and for the great majority joyous for them.

And within this joyous celebration of this moment death is but a curious possibility to be enjoyed when it presents itself. Nothing to be avoided or in any way concerned by. I have realised that my priority is not to heal or do this or that, rather only and always to access this joy, to be this joy, to express and share this joy. There is nothing more beautifully important.  It is so precious, so delightful that I would rather one moment of it than a hundred years of suffering. Given the choice between staying alive another 50 years as per 'normal', flashes of peace and harmony within a sea of stress and suffering, or another day as this joy I would take the day without hesitation. How curious that we so strive to avoid death, so desire to make stuff, do stuff, become some image of who we think we should be, when life's greatest offering, its sweetest experience, perhaps the only true accomplishment and yet not an accomplishment at all is to truly be, here and now, awake to this exquisite experience, whatever form it might now be taking.

I ask you, with love and a mischievous curiosity - is joy possible in your experience now?

And now? :-)


Will Pye

Will Pye, Author of Blessed with a Brain Tumor: Realizing It's All Gift and Learning to Receive experienced an unusual response to a brain tumor diagnosis - one of curiosity, radical gratitude, and acceptance.  How could this be? Learn more about his story...

Will is a social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, writer, mentor, friend and wisdom teacher.  He was a guest facilitator at Simply Grace's first Awakening Grace event for a day experience.  We look forward to collaborating again with him!

By the age of 26 Will created a successful business career in charity fundraising culminating in the founding of his own company.  At the same time, Will was experiencing emotional and psychological suffering that prompted a quest to find the reality of life's biggest questions.  Will has made an exhaustive study of various fields of human endeavor and an intensive exploration of various transformative practices such as psychological techniques, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and shamanic work.

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Simply Grace 10 Day Positivity Challenge...

Positivity Challenge...

~ Diahana Barnes

How would you like a fun, easy and simple way to increase your energy and create positive change in your life? Instead of taking life day by day and just getting by, you'll find that your life can truly be exceptional when you focus on positive thoughts instead of negative constraints or challenges.

This 10-Day Positive Thinking Challenge is derived a bit from, “The Seven Day Mental Diet” by Emmet Fox, one of the most popular self-help authors and speakers of the early 20th century.

 Here are the rules:

  1. If you break any of the other rules, you must start the 10 days over from the beginning. To get the full effect, you must complete 10 consecutive days. Thinking Positive thoughts and giving up negative thoughts might feel a bit like giving up a drug; you'll want to stop completely, or you have not truly quit.

  2. Take a minimum of 5 minutes each day to focus on the Positive.  Ideally, the time would be longer but five minutes should be enough time to reap the benefits and get yourself in a positive state of mind.  Ideas include, writing down what you’re grateful for, sending someone a random thank you note, recognizing nature, beauty, good in the world, etc.

  3. If negativity tries to creep in, focus on solutions. If a negative thought tries to sneak into your thoughts try to catch yourself and immediately start contemplating possible solutions. Spend your time solving your challenges instead of focusing on them.
  • If you're like most people, you've probably had the same challenges for quite a while without resolution. It's time to focus on the positive and try something else instead of dwelling on what's wrong.

The concept is simple, easy and fun and when you dedicate time to it each day will be truly rewarding.  Sometimes we tend to think that worrying helps in some way. It really doesn’t help, just increases stress and promotes negative energy and likely results in your worrying about a lot of things for a long time without any improved results. 

When you're faced with a negative thought (and there will be many!), the best response is to think to yourself, "How can I solve or improve this challenge?"The point is to immediately begin focusing on solutions. When you ask a good question, you’ll receive good answers.

Over the 10 days, you’ll begin to form a habit of positive thinking - immediately recognizing a negative mental state and then focusing on positive self-loving solutions.  If you continue the process after the 10 days are completed, you’ll develop an amazing positive thinking habit that might just increase your energy, self-awareness and joy in your life. 

Here are a few ideas on positive questions you can ask yourself and focus on for five minutes each day:

  • What's great about today?
  • What do I like the most about this?
  • What am I most proud of?
  • What am I most looking forward to?
  • What am I grateful for right now?
  • How can I positively touch someone else’s life today
  • How can I share kindness today?
  • How can I be compassionate?
  • How can I share love?

If you're filling your mind with positive thoughts, there's no room for the negativity. And since we can only consciously think about one thing at a time, making the most out of your thoughts really matters.

Try this 10-day adventure and see if it doesn't change your life. You'll be so amazed at the results!  So start this process today and change your life for the better.

We would love to hear from you!  Post your positive thoughts, actions and reflections here in the comments or on our facebook page at: 

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Diahana Barnes, Simply Grace 

Mom. Certified Health Coach. 
Corporate Woman. Small Business Owner.

Diahana loves coffee (and a newly found favorite - tea), spending the day at the beach with family, and her iPad Mini!  She loves to read, coaching others, being a cheerleader and being a positive influence to everyone around her.

Her formal bio includes a Master's Degree in Organizational Management & Development, eLearning Certification, Health Coaching certification while currently authoring a book called, "Design Your Bliss at Work and at Home".

She also has over 20 years of experience  in the Corporate sector, working in the technology industry in training & development, sales strategy, marketing, and communications. She has been a speaker  for the ASTD, Training Magazine, eLearnting Guild and the Learning Consortium.

Live Happy, Live Healthy.

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Grace Revealed...



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Grace Revealed...

~ Kate Trudeau

We researched the word Grace. The bottom line is the bestowal of an intrinsic worth, talents or holiness that is bestowed for no other reason than it can be bestowed.  In other words, Grace is the action of having given those things. God's Grace. the Graces of ancient Greece. The Grace of a professional ballerina.  Doesn't matter.  All the same concept.  We believe that this is because of the ancient concept of human worth not having to be earned.  We just have it.  Over the course of time, the Grace became the thing bestowed itself as well; almost a kind of code for a concept so huge and so fundamental that entire cultures rest on its foundation or its abdication.

So, we chose Simply Grace for our company name, because we are working to increasingly express our innate greatness or worth or holiness or whatever terms we use, and this is not easy to do in a culture based on scarcity, which denies innate greatness - Grace. We are missionaries with a special mission. Although we are Christian by training and choice, we are not here for a special religious belief. Oh no!  We are here for you.  Because in order to express our Grace, we work to bring a community of kindness and respect into the lives of others, so that they can reveal their own intrinsic worth, greatness, talents and joy more fully to the world.


Kate Trudeau

Kate Trudeau is an Herbalist, a Minister, a Reiki Master, a Breathe Coach, a Life Coach and an Astrologer.  Additionally she writes and illustrates Children's books designed to give parents and children opportunities to discuss self-control through self-acceptance.  

Ordained in New York at The New Seminary, a United Nations project, Kate trained to support all spiritual beliefs, traditions and needs as an Interfaith Minister.  Throughout her work, Kate strives to create a space where all visions of the Divine are honored and may be expressed as a needed priority or personal goal.

A Yale graduate, Kate is also a garden variety Geek, an ardent believer in the Internet, Computers, Smart Phones, and everything else that this technological age can bring.  She owns her own Internet Technology business with her husband.


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Welcome to Community...

Welcome to Community...

As a society, we are often times so consumed in “being successful” that we forget the importance of being successful human beings, of living mindfully, deeply listening and connecting spontaneously with whatever life is offering us in the moment.  At Simply Grace we believe there is no such thing as an ordinary moment, each moment, experience and connection is divinely inspired and extraordinary. 

Simply Grace is a vibrant, organic, sustainable, sincere, purpose driven community and brand which mindfully fuses and integrates women’s intrinsic values (inner beauty) with their extrinsic values through an abundant generosity of grace.  Women are longing for sincere authentic connections with communities who embrace them emotionally and spiritually.
Simply Grace honors diversity of faith and experience by providing a sacred space of compassion, kindness, love, respect and no-judgment.  In this beautiful community we honor ourselves, each another and God in whatever ways honors you.  

Women are seeking relationships with women who are kindred spirits.  They are seeking opportunities to be seen, known, strengthened and encouraged to make contributions to others.   Simply Grace will provide community experiences, products and transformational offerings to support women discovering and embracing their inner beauty and grace.  

A Beautiful Expression of Why...

There is no such thing as an ordinary moment each moment is truly extraordinary….

On a very special day a few years ago Mikki observed her beloved two-year-old grand-daughter Madison in a meadow picking very special flowers, the beautiful flowers being bright yellow dandelions. The significant, yet simple truth experienced in a moment was that of compassionate awareness discovered through the eyes of a child, a beautiful life lesson… the difference between a weed and a flower is judgment. 

At some point on our journey we were sadly told the dandelion is a weed and not a flower and that was that.  The beautiful little flower that gave us joy as children; such as picking bouquets for our Mommy’s, creating flower crowns, and our favorite memory of dandelions…blowing on the puffy white balls of light and love making wishes, was gone.

The dandelion honors and represents the beautiful little girl and childlike wonder that still resides quietly in each of our souls.  Just for a moment, pause on purpose…gather the memories of being that little child of pure and simple grace…the little soul without judgment is still present.

Mindfully we chose the dandelion as our branding element for Simply Grace…these amazing little flowers are so aligned with our vision.   Being highly intentional we are growing an organic, vibrant community of women who embrace the thought of scattering seeds of hope and joy on purpose.  Just like the dandelions, you never know whose heart will be touched by the seeds.  

The brilliant and talented team of Kyle Elysse (Mikki’s daughter) and her business partner Kevin created the magnificent branding element and design for the Simply Grace logo.  The contemporary version of the dandelion, with a lotus energy connecting to the heart chakra, has a strong design element with seeds appearing as community within the design.  One can imagine the seeds fulfilling their destiny, prepared to scatter and land on the hearts of women in our beautiful meadow of grace.  Each one of us is that seed, waiting expectantly for the sacred invitation to bloom into the beautiful essence of who we are, divine expressions of love.

Our intentions are pure at Simply Grace. It is our highest hope to gently awaken grace one soul at a time, scattering seeds of joy. To be kind, compassionate and loving without judgment is a significant and beautiful characteristic of the diverse and divine community of Simply Grace.

~Mikki Lessard, Nancy Feth and Diahana Barnes
Founders, Simply Grace LLC