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Grace Revealed...

~ Kate Trudeau

We researched the word Grace. The bottom line is the bestowal of an intrinsic worth, talents or holiness that is bestowed for no other reason than it can be bestowed.  In other words, Grace is the action of having given those things. God's Grace. the Graces of ancient Greece. The Grace of a professional ballerina.  Doesn't matter.  All the same concept.  We believe that this is because of the ancient concept of human worth not having to be earned.  We just have it.  Over the course of time, the Grace became the thing bestowed itself as well; almost a kind of code for a concept so huge and so fundamental that entire cultures rest on its foundation or its abdication.

So, we chose Simply Grace for our company name, because we are working to increasingly express our innate greatness or worth or holiness or whatever terms we use, and this is not easy to do in a culture based on scarcity, which denies innate greatness - Grace. We are missionaries with a special mission. Although we are Christian by training and choice, we are not here for a special religious belief. Oh no!  We are here for you.  Because in order to express our Grace, we work to bring a community of kindness and respect into the lives of others, so that they can reveal their own intrinsic worth, greatness, talents and joy more fully to the world.


Kate Trudeau

Kate Trudeau is an Herbalist, a Minister, a Reiki Master, a Breathe Coach, a Life Coach and an Astrologer.  Additionally she writes and illustrates Children's books designed to give parents and children opportunities to discuss self-control through self-acceptance.  

Ordained in New York at The New Seminary, a United Nations project, Kate trained to support all spiritual beliefs, traditions and needs as an Interfaith Minister.  Throughout her work, Kate strives to create a space where all visions of the Divine are honored and may be expressed as a needed priority or personal goal.

A Yale graduate, Kate is also a garden variety Geek, an ardent believer in the Internet, Computers, Smart Phones, and everything else that this technological age can bring.  She owns her own Internet Technology business with her husband.


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