Miracles await...

~ Mikki Lessard

 Every day holds the possibility of a miracle… Elizabeth David

This is the time of new beginnings, of endless possibilities…
In every moment we begin again, with the possibility of experiencing a miracle and being a miracle, this gift of grace is our birth right.  

My intention is pure; with divine inspired clarity and grace I am honoring my calling.   Surrendering to my truth, with non judgmental compassionate awareness of self.   I did not receive the instruction manual for life, and with my humanness, I have made quite a few mistakes and with self compassion  I  forgive myself completely.    The atone spiritual reset button has been pushed (it was easy) spiritually resetting and aligning my journey with my truth and calling.  Within this divine space of atonement and self compassion, I recognize each detour and delay were intentional whispers of wisdom,   necessary preparation, gifted from God.   In the divine space of just breathing and being present in the moments with God I experience a peace and calm, surrendering to deeper inquiries of my soul . There are no testimonies of truth without the test; the vulnerable moments we experience are truly the moments grace is revealed.  

With all that I am, my heart and soul are infused with a passionate commitment to inspire women to embrace the fearless courage necessary to create gentle shifts in their lives, trusting and leaning into the arms of grace and God.    

My vision is simple, my intention is pure, through divinely orchestrated moments of awareness, gentle movements and waves of grace will be experienced  simply with grace.  These mindful moments will be expressed and experienced to gently nudge the community to go within, quieting the negative chatter, connecting with God spiritually through a deeper inquiry of simple questions of self and the divine that resides in our souls….trusting and believing.

I have been gently nudged by God, encouraged to embrace my inner wisdom and truth, embracing my imagination not to scare myself to death, but rather to become inspired and dance with the vision of my highest reality.   I have discovered the blessing of imagination allows each of us the freedom to create the inner vision of our heart and soul, which allows us to participate in the act of the co-creation with God.    Our dreams have been planted in our soul by God.  Nurturing our dreams and our highest reality is the invisible connecting link to manifesting and living our ultimate destiny and calling while on Earth, with humanity connecting as one.

I close my eyes and imagine being present with a deep understanding and knowing there is great joy to be expressed and experienced each and every day.   With unconditional love, trusting and witnessing the abundance of goodness in each and every soul we are divinely connected to, knowing each connection is so intentional.    Breathing in the grace of ordinary moments…knowing there really are no ordinary moments.  And with every breath, knowing at our deepest level we are enough…perfectly divine, created in the likeness of God.  Moments of awareness, that simply takes our breath away.    

Spiritual healing is the process of guiding a soul to remember, to gently nudge and awaken the inner wisdom that has been dormant within.  Through this deeper level of consciousness and divine orchestration we then are capable of expressing kindness, compassionate awareness and unconditional love.   When we see with our hearts, we then remember how to bless and release all that might cause ourselves inner or outer harm with forgiveness, no judgment and love. This is humanity at its very best, this is simply grace.

In every moment we may begin again.  Your life is not a dress rehearsal…   Miracles await for you each every day…trust in this truth and lean back into the arms of grace and God. 

My wish for humanity is simple.  May each soul experience abundant moments of light, laughter, peace, hope, compassion, joy and above all much love.   Namaste’ and God Bless…

With gratitude, grace and love…
Mikki Lessard

Founder, Simply Grace   

Gently awakening grace, scattering joy on purpose…. 
My intentions are pure and simple, my hope is to gently awaken grace, one soul at a time…


Mikki Lessard
Founder, Simply Grace

My intentions are pure and simple, my hope is to gently awaken grace, one soul at a time…

Simply Grace is a movement of kindness, compassion and love.  This is an invitation for women to connect to their inner beauty and essence while gently awakening their grace, sustaining life and moving in relationship. Women naturally create community and a divine sense of belonging.  They are led inwardly by love. It’s time to strengthen this gift and share it with the world.   

When we see with our hearts our intentions are pure. To be kind, to be compassionate, to be love. This is humanity at its very best.  This is simply grace…

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