Clarity, flowing like water…

~ Nancy Feth

Imagine being water, crystal clear water… connected to the source of all water, filled with life.  See yourself flowing with ease, moving gracefully along a path, powered bytrust in your connection to your divine nature. You are never alone, and are always connected to this current, able to meet whatever shows up along your path. With clarity you know you are grace, connected to every drop of water on the earth, while bringing your own unique essence to each moment.

The Challenge

It’s taken me years to be able to embrace clarity and the flow of life, and see myself as part of this current as opposed to one who is separate and being consumed by the intensity of the current. As a young child I would find myself swimming in emotional waters spiraling round and round, between recycling the past and fearing the future. I was riding waves of self-judgment that kept me from living in the present and embracing the grace within. I’ve got an idea of where this came from, and the point is that I spent a lot of years being swept away by emotional water that seemed to have a mind of its own.

There were many along my path who would try to reflect my own light back to me, and to gently invite me to look within rather than outside of myself, and time and time again I would get caught in the same trap of allowing external circumstances and environmental conditions to dictate my happiness and wellbeing. I was under the illusion of control and believed that I was responsible for everything, even things outside my direct influence. I had not yet learned the distinction between being responsible and being response-able…able to consciously and intentionally choose my response to life as it unfolds.


The world is a very busy place. Lots of things compete for our attention in any given day, let alone any given moment. There was always a reason to allow something outside to take precedence over the quiet voice within inviting me to slow down and do less. Who would I be without all that occupied my mind and life? The thought was terrifying. What would I discover if I actually slowed down and went within? What would be asked of me? Would I be up for the task? Fear had me in its grip. I was now under the illusion of not enough and did not trust myself. Only problem was, I did not see this I simply lived it.


Over time there were a series of events that happened to allow gentle currents of grace to flow through my heart. People and experiences showed up inviting me to loosen the hold I had on life and to surrender. It became very apparent that life moves in, with, and through us… grace and love are always present. We choose to be open and willing to dance with it or block the flow. In each moment we have a choice to receive what is here and respond to it in a way that makes sense to us. We have choice in how we flow with the divine gift of life.

The day I understood we can cultivate awareness of grace and by paying attention to our inner world we shift our outer world, everything changed. I now remain open to the divine unfolding of life… observing my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Miracles happen in ordinary moments, and we make adjustments along the way. Now I take time for prayer, meditation, and time in nature, practices that allow me to connect to the grace of the moment receiving clarity and guidance. The most amazing thing is the peace cultivated in stillness is available when we step back into the busyness of life.

I still have days where I fall into forgetfulness, and am consumed by things outside of my control. Life is not always easy, it is sometimes very rocky. What’s different now, is the time it takes to notice and actively choose my response to this awareness and step into grace. There are many more moments of flowing like water, embracing the clarity that comes with being IN the grace of the present moment, right here, right now.


Nancy Feth

Founder, Simply Grace

When we see with our hearts, our intentions are pure…
to be kind, to be compassionate, to be love.
This is humanity at its very best. 
This is simply grace.

Welcome to community.

In June of 2014 I launched the business, and brand of Simply Grace with my partners Mikki Lessard and Diahana Barnes. It is our intention to create a women’s community and movement of grace to honor diversity in faith and experience, integrating the sacred and secular dimensions of life. Through face to face, heart to heart and soul to soul experiences, we are creating a platform to foster kindness, compassion and love through authentic connection in relationship.

Simply Grace offers weekly online radio shows, Just Breathe, and the Blessing Circle, to create space for intentional spiritual practices of mindfulness, gratitude and prayer in daily life. We also are attracting kindred spirits who are passionate about living their calling in service of creating a world that works for all to join in conversation monthly on our Awakening Grace online radio shows. It is our intention to create a gentle shift in the world, one person, one community at a time. Through our social media offerings, online programs, live workshops and experiences, we are inviting people into a new way of seeing life and doing business. Our core values of collaboration, partnership, and faith guide our work.

To support this movement of grace and awareness we have also created an online shopping experience, the Simply Serendipity Boutique offering handcrafted jewelry and gifts from artisans around the world. We have an exclusive line of Venetian Murano Glass Jewelry from Italy designed especially for our customers, community and brand. Everything we do is in service of awakening grace in the heart and lives of each person we meet. We are social entrepreneurs with a vision to heal humanity through relationship and community.

Kindness creates kindness… Always.