By, Brother David Luke Hutton, OEF

Droplets of icy rain clattered at my windowpane, as temperatures dropped and darkened clouds indicated worse weather was shortly to arrive.

Inside a cozy, small fire crackled in the fireplace, the glow from a soft overhead light shone, as the steady beat for a hundred year old-plus mantle clock kept time as I waited for my appointed telephone chat with Nancy Feth and Mikki Lessard.

Nancy and I had met some time ago, at a weekend retreat hosted by my religious order, Mikki was New to me, though having read her “Simply Grace” posts and interacting with her on the machine called “Social Media” made me pleasantly anxious to meet this sister-this “Kindred Spirit” to quote author Lucy Maude Montgomery of “Anne of Green Gables” fame.

After all, are we Not all called to be kindred spirits? No? Why Not? Perhaps Kindred-Ness has become a relic of the past..Like Mrs. Montgomery's, Anne Shirley’s, teaching in a one room school house. Perhaps Kindred Spirits are found now-rarely. Maybe they always have been. The stuff of professional guides and teachers, spiritual directors? You know, “Religious People” regardless of religion. Even then, the Heart Knows Heart. Soul drinks from the same Well-Spring.

The telephone rings, its Nancy, and soon Mikki. We use Mikki's travel time to the best possible advantage. We don't waste one of the greatest commodities a person has, “Time” as we jump into the pool of kindredness. Chatting like old friends, happily reunited.

Yet, there is something else in the conversation..Another Commodity, the treasure of Listening. Of waiting for the other to finish their sentence, thought, or in my case, failing of words to fully capture the gift of Joy, God calls me to.

I have for some time, been very interested in focus of the “Simply Grace” phenomenon.

I sense a new mission that uplifts many of us, living and trying to live, in today's world that I can very much relate to. I have also come to recognize the empowerment that love can have on a person. As well as reflection, meditation, kindness between women and, of, women. For this is the world I walk in.

Ushered into a world by strong women, goes back years and years..to the plains of Kansas, where I was born by two nurses as the doctor was tied up on the railroad tracks that spanned miles and hours. Then later, my mother would finish raising me alone, as other Journey Women, with purpose and love, walking with me in my formation as I grew into young adulthood and now middle age. I have been exposed to the marches for Equality..I have seen the marginalization so many women have experienced. The violence and the hurt. In my own family and those I most love. I suppose its here, that Simply Grace rings such truth to me. Not as an Outsider looking in, but as a fellow Journey Person on this path of life.

It's this Energy, not clearly defined other than Truth and Building Up-that as a man and a professed member of a religious Order that feels so right. I have sensed first through Nancy, and later, Mikki an UN-scriptedness that defies logic in world, Very often Illogical, but I'm hopeful and hope filled. A place where we come to a Table, not set for only a few, but room for All. A place that says we instead of “I”. ”US” instead of “Them.”

I'm reminded in my reflection with Mikki and Nancy, that today really Is ours to start a Good Work. First in the heart, then the home and far beyond. Not for the sake of doing or being good people, but because Love guides the way.

Your brother,
David Luke Hutton, O.E.F


Brother David Luke Hutton, O.E.F.

A dear friend of community, you will often see Brother David Luke commenting or supporting Simply Grace on our community Facebook page. Brother David Luke understands what it means to live a life of faith honoring the sacred in a secular world.  As part of the OEF, (Order of Ecumenical Franciscans) he brings the heart of Christ to the world through the practice of following the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi. He often conducts retreats for members of the Order and invites others to experience the Franciscan way.

Brother David Luke Hutton is  a Solemnly vowed member of a branch of the Franciscan Order. Currently he is serving as Regional Territory Manager for Seniors Helping Seniors-Middle TN branch.

During his tenure as Executive Director, Maristone was awarded Best Senior Living Retirement Community 2013-2014 by the Tennessean newspaper poll of over 17, 600 voters. he holds an exemplary record in staff creation, management, senior retention. Nashville Business Journal's "Best of 2013" list.

Brother David Luke has thirty four years of health care experience serving special populations from direct care provider and as a licensed health care administrator. Areas of expertise include: Program Management, Executive Director, Memory Care Unit Management. Outstanding Professional references.


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