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Pause on purpose for moments of peace.


Enjoy this beautiful prayer and meditation...

An opportunity for renewal.

- Kate Trudeau

This meditation was presented live on Simply Grace Radio through the Blessing Circle. Invite your heart to soften and experience peace...
Enjoy at your leisure...

Come with us for little moment of peace. Sit and close your eyes with us. Let your feet move flat to the floor. Breathe deeply, and invite your mind to put aside its chatter and worry for just a little while, just a moment of renewal.
Breathe. Pause.

Here and Now, let’s renew our Spirits through our commitments to a different way of life.

Here and Now, let’s renew our commitment 
to a Kinder way of life,
to a Path of Grace.

Here and Now, let’s renew our commitment 
to forgive first, before speaking,
to hear another’s pain, before judging,
to feel gratitude for what we have, before stressing over what we have not.

Here and Now, let’s pause together, and renew ourselves by renewing our commitment to a Spiritual Life.

Breathe deeply. Reflect.

Where can Gratitude for what you have ease your stress for this day?
Where can acceptance of another soften your defenses today?
Where can forgiveness melt your own pain in this moment?

Breathe. Pause. Release.

Let’s forgive, together, now. Let’s accept, together, now. Let’s be grateful for all we have, together, now.

Come with us.
For just a moment.
Let’s renew our commitment to Kindness and its vivid energy in our lives.
Let’s accept Grace and be renewed.

Namaste. Amen. Blessed be. Shalom.

Kate Trudeau

Kate Trudeau is an Herbalist, a Minister, a Reiki Master, a Breathe Coach, a Life Coach and an Astrologer.  Additionally she writes and illustrates Children's books designed to give parents and children opportunities to discuss self-control through self-acceptance.  

Ordained in New York at The New Seminary, a United Nations project, Kate trained to support all spiritual beliefs, traditions and needs as an Interfaith Minister.  Throughout her work, Kate strives to create a space where all visions of the Divine are honored and may be expressed as a needed priority or personal goal.

A Yale graduate, Kate is also a garden variety Geek, an ardent believer in the Internet, Computers, Smart Phones, and everything else that this technological age can bring.  She owns her own Internet Technology business with her husband.