Our intentions are pure...

We believe hope is the dream of the soul awake...
Hope is the possibility of God's blessing to the individual encouraging the soul to gently awaken and connect with all others in lovingkindness...


..We believe there is a different way to be present in the world.

To be kinder. To be compassionate. To be love.
This is humanity at its very best.
This is simply grace.
We have discovered the mindful and peaceful practice of yoga and meditation offered to young women to be an amazing gift and tool to better understand how to navigate life's obstacles, challenges and stresses...  Often times the solution in the moment is to simply pause and breathe.
We are currently blessed to be working with very kind and special yoga instructors Kate Forest and Melissa Doe Largay and others who specialize in yoga for young women.  This amazing experience was birthed by listening with our heart and connecting at a women's event at VVM: Valley Venture Mentors/WIT: What It Takes by a beautiful woman who shared her ASK - she was hoping to find a free yoga experience for her inner city STYLE Sisters Group.  We met and began the beautiful experience the next week. 

Once a month, we gift the girls a beautiful experience in our yoga space.   We compensate the yoga teacher for an hour class of mediation, yoga and discussion of how to be present in the world - bullying is one of the topics that comes up often gifting the classes to the girls once a month.  We believe this beautiful gift of meditation and yoga is supporting the girls to live life a little differently...  It is our honor to close our little shop and be present and gift this experience to them.  The shift we have seen in them in the past few months is remarkable, they are more calm and feel safe, loved and seen as the beautiful young women they are...
Our intention and hope is to be able to fund and continue to offer this mindful pause on purpose to many more girls from the city and beyond.  Our dream is to connect to youth groups in the Valley - with a fusion of diversity - creating retreat days and life changing experiences.  This beautiful offering is a gift we hope to continue and expand abundantly, the positive impact of empowering young women to be comfortable to experience a deeper inquiry within.  To mindfully experience life little gentler, being a little kinder, and compassionate, expressing unconditional love with no judgement to SELF first then to humanity.  With lovingkindness and gentle nudges the wisdom we share in the closing circle teaches these beautiful young women to honor their self care needs, to listen to their hearts above all other voices and to the BE the change they wish to experience in the word. This is their life, it is not a dress rehearsal...  

In May we were recognized by the UNIFY Against Bullying organization for this work and awarded a grant to continue providing community yoga and mindfulness offerings.  Thank you to UNIFY, Robert Charles Photography and Ryan James Videography for your support.
We believe kindness creates kindness.
With gratitude and grace,
Mikki Lessard & Nancy Feth


This fall yoga offerings will continue through the support of a grant from the UNIFY Against Bullying Organization, received in May 2017. For more information on UNIFY founded by Robert Charles Photography and Ryan James Videography visit http://unifyagainstbullying.org

If one plants this seed of hope into the soil of their heart, and if the soil is nourished, what will be harvested is faith.  Hope is faith in seed form.

Hope has no boundaries...

Love connects us... Always.

Hope has no boundaries...

We honor all traditions and rituals with grace,
modeling and serving humanity with virtues the world is in desperate need of.
Such as reverence for all life, authentic sincerity and honesty, gentleness which manifests itself into kindness, and with this awareness offer random acts
of service and lovingkindness with compassion to others. 

Our vision is all young women see themselves and the world with their heart first, remembering the significant difference between a flower and a weed is judgment.

 Much of our connections and conversations are gentle nudges to see themselves as the hope for other young women. Our hope for this movement of gratitude and grace is our young women will gently shift humanity one soul at a time to be a little more compassionate, kind and loving with no judgment.