What is Astrology? It is all in the stars…

…with Debbie Chase


Curious about what the moon and the stars
have aligned for you?

This is your invitation...

Saturday, February 23, 2019
 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


The Shops at Marketplace

1341 Main Street (Rear)
Market Street Walkway
Springfield, MA


We are excited and honored to welcome back our dear friend
and brilliant Astrologer Debbie Chase who will be sharing
a fascinating experience and workshop…

Understanding the Basics of Astrology
and YOUR Astrological Chart.

This workshop will support your understanding of YOUR CHART…
answering questions about how YOUR astrology chart can offer insights
for YOUR life's journey in 2019 and beyond...

Your amazing workshop experience includes…

- An Understanding of The Basics of Astrology
and YOUR Personal Astrological Chart...

- The 12 House Meanings and their importance

- What do all these Planets mean anyway?

- The Sun and Moon placements and there effect on
your vitality and security

- Your Ascendant, an in-depth understanding of your
fascinating and beautiful personality

Preregistration is required $45.00 -- as space is limited and this will insure you to obtain your personal astrological chart for the workshop experience.

This is your gentle nudge to consider consider this wonderful opportunity for you to go deeper into understanding YOUR astrological chart and events of 2019 with your personal Astrology Chart review during the workshop -- this is a wonderful and fun Saturday afternoon experience for girlfriends, mothers and daughters, sisters, and even spouses...

Perhaps you will make a day of it...

The Shops at Marketplace are open from 10 'til 2 with relaxing, fun and mindful experiences to consider before the workshop -- perhaps you will be open to practicing yoga Saturday morning at 9 or 10:15 at Dharma? Love to shop? Browse, shop and smile the beautifully curated Serendipity....

Need a little pampering? Schedule a manicure & pedicure at Alchemy...then enjoy a delicious brunch or lunch at NOSH before the workshop begins...

...it is all the stars loves.