We are humbled and honored to announce
the newest yoga studio in the Valley ...

Yoga at The Shops at Marketplace
Downtown Springfield

Welcome to Dharma!

We are honored you have chosen to practice here…

It is our intention to provide a beautiful, restorative experience with a variety of mindful practices in the heart of Downtown Springfield.

We invite you to make yourself comfortable and set a personal intention for your practice. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!

Your mat awaits…

August yoga class schedule…

Monday 8/12 - 8/26

5:30 pm Funky Flow
Sean Lanning

Wednesday 8/14 - 8/28

7:00 am Waking Up Wednesdays with Gentle Embodyoga®
Lexi Allaway

Saturday 8/21, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28

COMPLIMENTARY Yoga at MGM Springfield

9:00 am DaVinci Park
Laura Dromgold, Sean Lanning, Lexi Allaway, Liz Sauer

Yoga in DaVinci Park 400 and sepia.jpeg

Coming soon!

Yoga at Forest Park, Springfield!

 Abundance Exchange: Sliding Scale

We embrace an abundance mindset and invite you to make an offering that feels right to you for class. Suggested exchange for class is $10, $15 or $20.

We are also excited to introduce new friends to our studio and community. Feel free to take a Hello Dharma guest pass with you when you leave the studio and share with a friend!  

Sean Lanning

Sean Lanning is a certified RYT-500 Yoga Teacher, an ERYT-200 teacher in training, a licensed CT Realtor, and a Dharma School graduate from Broad Brook, CT. After several years of work in marketing, music and direct sales, Sean decided to try a yoga class on Thanksgiving of 2013. Through the sweat and crazy, un-explainable tears, he was hooked. It was a clear fork in the road. He had to choose – either repress it all again and just trudge through life, or take a risk and become more fully alive. He decided to dive in and get certified to teach yoga. Inspired by his love for live music and community, Sean has since been teaching at studios and music & arts festivals throughout the Northeast. In February 2015 he left his desk job to follow his heart. He committed to his spiritual education, teaching, and returning to writing.

He has developed his own style of healing that is funky and fun.
Classes are often filled with joy and laughter…

Heatherly Dancy Rooke

Heatherly began practicing yoga about six years ago after becoming interested in self-exploration and physical wellness, in 2014 she completed a 200-hour teacher training at a local yoga studio and has been teaching vinyasa based classes since.

To each class she brings a gentle uplifting nature, and creates a flow infused with sequences to build a little heat and moments of pause to check in on balance, flexibility and strength - in class it is important to share smiles, remembering that we are all students practicing together.

This Vinyasa class is suitable for all levels of experience.

Your body is saying yes please...

Lexi Allaway

Lexi Allaway is a 2017 graduate of the 200 hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training. Embodyoga®, closely compared to Hatha Yoga styles, is an integrated approach founded on principles of inquiry, compassion, and discernment within the bodymind. Before Lexi became a Yoga instructor, her movements were shaped by a 12 year background in dance from her local studio, Impact Dance of Atlanta, in Atlanta Georgia. She turned to yoga for healing and grounding which has been developing her personal practice for 6 years. This inspiration lead her to migrate to The Pioneer Valley in 2016, to study Embodyoga® with Patty Townsend and Corinne Andrews, of Yoga Center Amherst.

Lexi teaches from her heart and offers a purposeful Yoga Asana class accessible to all levels. Inspired by organic movement, she incorporates music, meditation, deep breathing, and gentle flow, or intelligent sequencing of dynamic movement…

Jess Carey

Jess Carey has been teaching Embodyoga® for 2 years and practicing for 7 years. She was inspired by her grandmother, Doris Carey and studied with Patty Townsend and Corinne Andrews at Amherst Yoga Center. Jess graduated from the Embodyoga® 500hr YTT at AYC in 2017. Jess teaches a highly compassionate class with slow and restorative postures, accompanied by gentle music and pranayama practices. In her class, expect to be completely supported and honored as you are.

Laura Dromgold

Laura began practicing yoga over 12 years ago and has been teaching for 4. She worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years and has always been passionate about helping clients
reach their fitness goals.

Laura is inspired by the true healing aspects of Yoga, Mind, Body and Spirit. She studied and earned her 200 hr TT Certification at Karma Yoga in W. Springfield. She is also certified by AFAA in Group Fitness, and is an EMT. She has grown to love Vinyasa ( power) a practice using breath to promote fluidity between poses. As a teacher, Laura’s hope to combine her knowledge of the human body, and love for yoga to guide students through a full mind-body experience to music.

Her classes focus on proper alignment and links movement to one’s breath to ultimately promote flexibility, increase mobility, build strength, and relieve stress.

The Shops at Marketplace

1341 Main Street (Rear)
Market Street Walkway
Springfield, MA


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With the intention to simplify our lives and yours, we are no longer going to be using the scheduling app or requiring pre-registration to attend classes.
Simply drop in and make payment when you arrive…

Schedule changes and class cancellations will appear on Facebook.

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